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The use of the structure of PUR hot melt glue PUR adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-18
1, the PUR glue heating 40 minutes under 130 ℃, with dedicated pressure disc PUR hot melt adhesive machine 20 kg ( 200公斤) Glue or use pneumatic ( Or manual) Glue gun to glue is in need of adhesive, 1 minutes to complete joint. 2, good bonding artifacts placed 10 minutes can adjust, remove excess glue material. 3, finishing a good job should be in 23 ℃, relative humidity 65% to 24 hours rear can into the next process. A week after the performance test can be performed. 4, the construction shall be made in a well-ventilated, not cured adhesive available acetone erasure, glue after use must be clean with the company matching lotion applicator. Storage of PUR glue should be stored in dry, cool place. Avoid exposure to the sun, on steam, water and alcohol solvent. Shelf life of 6 months. Package with 30 ml tubes, 310 ml aluminum pipe, aluminum foil bag 500 g, 20 kg/barrel, etc.
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