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The use of water-based ink additives

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-25
Water-based ink additives have defoaming agent, reducing agent, fast drying, slow drying agent, thickener, stabilizer, transfer agent, such as well in the small make up today introduced the commonly used several auxiliary method of use: 1, defoaming agent, it is our common to the agent, because of water-based ink in the process of using mixing excessive blister easily, can use defoaming agent inhibiting bubble, prevent the occurrence of bubble, pay attention to is to join defoaming agent, need stirring water-based ink while adding defoaming agent, in the add ratio of 0. 2%. 2, reducing agent, as a result of water-based ink storage time is too long, easy cause thickening makes the PH change, this kind of situation can add reducing agent to improve ink PH value, it is recommended to use ratio of 0. 2%. 3, quick drying agent, water-based ink when using the dry slowly in the process of adding, grace recommended in the ratio of 0. 5 - 2%. 4, slow drying agent, such as appeared in the process of printing paste version, can be used to print the graphic edge uneven, advice in the use ratio of 0. 5 - 2%. 5, thickener, dilute excessive use, can improve the viscosity of the ink, the advice to use ratio of 0. 5 - 1%. It is worth noting that the water-based ink additives can not be used with other solvent ink, otherwise easy to affect the quality of printing quality.
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