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The use of water-based ink causes of the blocking version

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-01
Blocking version is a water-based ink printing is very easy to appear problem, if mishandled, follow-up will also cause related issues, such as a needle, hole, water-based ink various problems such as uneven color, so blocking version needs to solve, corresponding solutions and measures. A blocking version of reason and resolving method has the following kinds: 1. Downtime, intermittent downtime caused by plugging. Small make up recommend stop don't stop, in order to prevent the water-based ink dry cause jams, cause plugging. 2. Dry performance, if the water-based ink drying too fast, also can cause plugging version. Suggest appropriate to add some slow dry agent, used to mitigate the drying time of the ink. 3. Viscosity, if the viscosity is too high and cause plugging version, it is ok to reduce the viscosity of water-based ink, but must pay attention to the viscosity cannot too low, otherwise you will have bubbles, if there is a bubble defoaming agent is used to solve.
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