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The use of water-based plastic ink thinner proportion

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-27
Card, plastic ink is in LDPE, HDPE, OPP, PVC, PET film printing using water-based ink of environmental protection, such as plate is environmental protection non-toxic, tasteless, no corrosion, burning explosion, no pollution, no harm to human body to the environment of printing ink. Water-based plastic printing ink is in recent years, the latest research and development of products, this product USES the imported materials, to solve the adhesion is bad, the problem such as slow drying, the printing effect can be comparable to those, solvent ink for foreign customers within the new environmental protection plastic film printing ink. In the printing process, reasonably use thinner, it is very important, if there is excessive dilution print easily with water lines or adverse phenomena such as black spots, water-based plastic printing ink can use clear water or alcohol to dilute. So look thinner, how to add just right, the following the technical personnel suggest adding proportion. 1, clear water, should be within 5%, can add 1% of the water first, again according to the actual printing gradually add 2, water: the proportion of ethanol is 90 ~ '~ 703, the water: the proportion of isopropyl alcohol is 60:40
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