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The vacuum plating cr and what is the main difference between water hard chrome plating?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-26
Chromium plating is referring to electroplating chromium, there are three kinds of chromium plating, chromium plating is a kind of tool, is a kind of decorative chromium plating, and water is a kind of hard chromium plating. Tool in three kinds of chromium plating chromium plating is better a way to increase the surface hardness, its optimal a lot, so much customers. Advantages: 1: fine grain on surface, low wear rate, low friction coefficient. Advantage 2: uniform coating thickness. Three advantages: coating microstructure with high toughness, high hardness, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance properties. Four advantages: corrosion resistance, resistance to cell adhesion. Faults: tool chromium plating defect is charging more expensive than the other two. Decorative chromium plating, as the name implies, the main purpose is to surface light, beautiful shape, rust, etc. Water is the main purpose of hard chromium plating it rust prevention. It with vacuum tools chrome plated obvious difference is: 1, the surface coating thickness is not uniform. 2, low film hardness. 3, with the parent metal adhesion is not so good. When with the mould chrome plated so to should be judged according to their purpose to what kind of chrome plated.
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