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The vacuum plating titanium processing of green technology

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-05
Because recent rapid industrial development, cause great pollution environment, and the vacuum plating titanium processing technology research, to promote the energy conservation and emissions reduction, the effect of traditional electroplating technology due to the use of strong acid, strong alkali and cyanide wastewater composition of messy, great harm to environment and human, electroplating wastewater treatment has been a big problem to industrial wastewater treatment. The development of the processing technology of titanium coating, vacuum plating titanium processing work is our country one of the technical innovation, electroplating work will be useful to change our country the status of the capital of high consumption, severe pollution. Vacuum processing technology of titanium coating is refers to the vacuum ion plating titanium processing evaporation, magnetron sputtering plating titanium, titanium plating, ion implantation, ion cleaning vacuum composite plating titanium technology integration, hit a vacuum, machinery, electronics, information modification, surface engineering, control, and other areas of the multidisciplinary opto-mechatronics control integration. The vacuum plating titanium processing technology is the most outstanding interest processing production process of titanium coating and plating products are environmentally friendly. Green technology of vacuum plating titanium processing process is short, don't need to consume precious metals such as copper, nickel, cadmium, do not use strong acid, strong alkali and cyanide, chromium anhydride, poisonous and harmful chemicals such as less pollutants; Water consumption is low, only a small amount of circulating cooling water. Together, also can plating the quality of the product, adding titanium plating processing, energy conservation, emission reduction, and reducing consumption, efficiency of end purpose. Electroplating processing work in our country now is about more than 15000 electroplating factory, annual emissions of about 400 million tons of electroplating waste water containing heavy metal, more than 50000 tons of solid waste, money waste and environment pollution is very serious. Therefore, in our country to speed up the promotion of titanium coating on 'green' energy conservation and emissions reduction, clean production technology is necessary. Green vacuum plating titanium processing technology has been beginning in the automobile lamps and lanterns, automobile wheel hub, get an internship in the field of electronic information products of titanium coating on parts use, effect is obvious.
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