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The water-based adhesives market?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-28
Water-based adhesive why so popular in the market? Today will give you a brief introduction: an overview, water-based adhesive, water-based adhesive glue is natural or synthetic polymer macromolecule material, with water as solvent or dispersants, replace the environmental pollution of toxic organic solvents, and preparation of a kind of environment-friendly glue adhesion agent. Existing is not 100% water-based adhesives solvent-free, volatile organic compounds that may contain limited as additives of its aqueous medium, in order to control viscosity or liquidity. Second, water-based adhesive classification 1, according to the material classification: pva water-based adhesive, vinyl acetate, water-based adhesive, acrylic water-based adhesive, polyurethane water-based adhesive, water-based adhesive, water-based phenolic epoxy adhesive, organic silicon water-based adhesive, rubber water-based adhesive. 2, according to the application of classification: packaging used in water-based adhesive, water-based adhesive, car use water-based adhesive, shoes, daily use water-based adhesives water-based adhesive. 3, according to the classification of solvents: two properties of water-soluble and emulsion adhesives and modification. 4, according to the market classification: a rubber latex, PVA, acrylic, EVA and PU. Three, usually the advantages of natural water-based adhesives and soluble synthetic polymer used in the manufacture of water-based adhesive. Water-based polymer is soluble, can their wet resistance is limited, and some of the plants is insoluble polymer, thus provide extended wet resistance. The benefits of using water-based adhesives is that they can increase the solid content, high initial adhesion, low toxicity; Solvent content is low, the composite strength, do not need to cure, because it is a kind of environmentally friendly products beyond doubt. Because the water-based adhesive has such as high solid content, high binding property, low toxicity, and is also the nature of the environmental protection, due to the factors hindering the research on the market growth is the complex preparation methods. Compared with the solvent adhesive, the preparation of water-based adhesives process is very complicated. Four, the application of water-based adhesives and biological water-based adhesives for water-based adhesive production progress for market growth provides a great opportunity, widely used in various industrial and commercial field. Should this The main factors driving water-based adhesive market is a growing demand in the field of its application. Water-based adhesive is mainly used in books, packaging, tape, paper, laminating, floor and building, shoemaking, car inside and outside decoration, etc. Its application market major markets including Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa and other regions. Five, the market development trend of water-based adhesives in the asia-pacific region is a major market of water-based adhesives, due to the car, the packing and the growth of the construction industry. Developing countries, including India, Brazil and China driven by the auto industry, promote the development of water-based adhesive market. In addition to the dominant market, the asia-pacific region is also the biggest water-based adhesive manufacturers. China is a country with a most production factory, because of the availability of raw materials and low production cost. North America in water-based adhesive market growth in the second. Demand is mainly in the packaging of water-based adhesives and automotive industry. Europe in terms of consumption ranks third in the market, but ranked second in the production of water-based adhesives. The European environmental agency to support the application of water-based adhesives, because they are less harm to the environment. At present, due to the whole society strict requirements on environmental protection and green development, at the same time as the technology and the progress of the society, on the environmental advantages of water-based adhesive will eventually, mass replace solvent-based adhesives will go a long way, this is the trend of The Times. Welcome to choose and buy our products, we're looking forward to cooperation with you!
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