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The waterborne plastic gravure printing ink printing viscosity is appropriate?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-13
In intaglio printing plastic film, if water-based plastic ink viscosity is too large, the whole system is in the midst of supersaturation state ink pigment substances such as liquidity is poor, cannot be evenly dispersed, but the clouds appeared, easy to accumulate in a version of the phenomenon. Printing viscosity is too large in addition to blocking version there will be dirty version problem, usually in addition to dirty version phenomenon of scraper hardness, the pressure of scraper, scraper contact Angle, the quality of the plate cylinder and so on, are mainly in printing ink viscosity, ink viscosity is too easy to stick on the roller, thus appeared sheet dirty. But the printing ink viscosity is small, dirty version phenomenon is not likely to happen. If, however, water-based plastic printing ink viscosity is too small, can't form a smooth film layer after drying, printing quality will be white, luster will be poor. So the best advice in water-based plastic printing ink viscosity in 11 ~ 18 s/wood is between 4 # cup, according to different membrane materials and printing machine parameter adjustment, as to achieve the ideal state of printing viscosity. In this way can we guarantee the quality at the same time, improve efficiency and yield.
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