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The whole series of adhesive complaints in gansu province

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-30
Whole series of adhesives in gansu province gansu whole series of adhesive of complaint d, try to avoid long time use cleaning solvent cleaning pur moisture reactive hot melt adhesive machine work, so as to avoid inhaling too much because of potentially harmful gas produced under the high temperature. In production, and many times is ink, glue and solvent viscosity add not constant, the printing ink, glue remaining number increase, the number gets bigger. These ink left threw a pity, then, is not working, their performance has been changed to a dark and poor flowing property, impurities, scraping clean produce bubbles. Glue keep bad will solidify, the composite reinforcement becomes poor, has a great effect on printing quality. If you use the viscometer, make the viscosity of the ink, glue and solvents have accurate control of the dosage, so will reduce the number of residual ink, glue and quantity. Object main reader of this book, especially for adhesives products development, production of packaging adhesives and technical personnel, but also for small and medium investors in the development of chemical projects and related reference between teachers and students in colleges and universities. Seven, printing ink, glue viscosity changes of the relationship and production management of gansu whole series of adhesives made complaints to pressure sensitive adhesive no sensitization effect, has the strong viscosity, no residue, hygroscopicity and air permeability are improved. Packing tape often block image, interference information transfer; And hot melt adhesive bonding between folding wing, can provide larger display space. In the actual production of the printing plant, the idea of workers in small labor for reward. If bad management, workers in the process of printing, composite, a long time to add solvent, some don't always add solvent, this waste of both ink and glue, the shape and design, compound uniformity and poor fastness, caused economic losses to the company directly. Especially when the interval after a few months has been printed products need to print, could not be accurate data to record the viscosity value of the first printing, operators are empirically estimated viscosity value range, the error is big, the need to allocate each concentration and viscosity of ink, glue, must carry on the multiple proofing proofing, and is a waste of time and labor, and waste material. Gansu whole series of poly (amino acid modified nano adhesive complaints the SiO have the effect of the two chemical crosslinking, a stereoscopic space of the mesh in the structure, improve the degree of polymerization of pressure sensitive adhesive. PUR hot melt adhesive, the adhesive heating molten fluid, coated in glued base material surface, the two glued laminating, colloid at the beginning of cooling rapidly generating viscous force positioning effects ( Physical curing) ; The colloid and the moisture in the air or glued trace moisture of base material continues to function, chemical crosslinking reaction, chain extender ( Chemical curing) 。 No two identical people, and no two leaves are the same, although their names with ink, but still there's a big difference in terms of use. Whole series of adhesives in gansu two complaints, pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine working principle: 5, pur hot melt adhesive machine need professional electrician operation, power supply is connected with points of polarity of the power supply shall not be against, and need to use special terminals fixed connection. From the point of using difference, offset printing ink seems to be more simple, in paper printing, without the assistance from external machine, can do it with the wind, and the ink printed on paper is very thin. Screen printing ink is a bit thick, and in addition to dry, color can't own curing down, need check equipment, and the curing time is can change with the thickness of the ink. Relatively thin ink, using time is shorter and thicker ink, will takes long problems. (3) recipients glue, attention should be paid to its validity; (5) out of the oven after 30 '1' complete joint and press fit all actions; (4) each glue quantity should be 2 hours, it is advisable to use glue; 6 does note glue can also lead to immediately after pressing glue, especially larger rebound parts; The 'packaging adhesives is adhesive formulation and process of selected series of a booklet. After the crosslinking reaction polymer with high cohesion, once cured, then show special waterproof, high resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and weatherability. The whole series of adhesive complaints in gansu province
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