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The wind of change, papermaking chemicals, printing

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-14
Due to the constant change of the paper and printing industry, unpredictable future development of the industry. Customers are more inclined to real-time update you need to publish content, short, frequency, fast printing demand will continue to compress printing industry profits space. Printed and advertising of the shrinking demand also showed no signs of slowing. At the same time, the digital printing business rising, fast-paced business world increasingly pay attention to a shorter cycle, the number of smaller and more affordable price. Jun to papermaking factory continued investment in technology, the new tape to help customers control costs, improve printing quality and process efficiency, remain competitive in the fickle printing market. Jun for the printing industry to provide the innovative solutions for many mature, here are two classic case. Case 1: jun can EasySplice? Can fly by tape jun EasySplice? Series for the invention of paper making and printing industry fly has brought a revolutionary innovation, winning numerous multi-functional splicing tape became the paper mill, processors and printers are using industry standard of the product. Splicing failure may cause significant loss of time and money. Therefore, jun can EasySplice? To ensure the safety of the high-speed splicing state assignment. Can upgrade orange jun EasySplice? The tape is suitable for demanding applications. At the beginning of this tape of the viscous force 50% higher than that of 30% higher than the market standard, durability, and more reliable in joining together different grades of paper, suitable for composite printing machine, such as newspapers, hot stamping and gravure printing. Case 2: jun can CaRes? Technology improve the performance of water soluble adhesive tape calcium carbonate ( CaCO3) For the use of water-soluble adhesive tape has brought serious challenges. With the passage of time, the calcium ion will be moved to the adhesive and the adhesive hardening, which leads to sticky relay dropped significantly. Foreign papermaking chemical process may be contaminated by water-insoluble tape, or CaCO3 direct fracture caused by the joint in the process of splicing process in the factory. Jun can CaRes? Technology of adhesive tape products can remain before the paper roll is processed very characteristics of the balance. Even in a variety of climatic conditions ( Such as humidity and temperature extremes) The adhesive can still keep elasticity and flexibility for long. Jun can completely water soluble calcium resistant tape can realize reliable joining together. No matter in the service of any market, to achieve long-term success, must continue to adapt to changing market conditions and economic environment. Therefore, jun can realize the profit will continue to help printers, looking for opportunities, and constantly explore new ways to help printers to adapt to the changing environment.
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