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There was a thief water-based ink printing

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-25
The thief was common printing, to solve the problem of the thief more troublesome, in fact, to solve this problem, only need to do some adjustments before printing, can avoid this problem, small make up will talk to you today how to solve this problem. Water-based ink before computer to check whether there is abnormal viscosity. More common because of low viscosity of water-based ink, after repeated use leads to the thief. Printing staff will often add water into the ink barrels, lower the viscosity of water-based ink, so in front of the computer to check if the viscosity is normal. Check the print can be normal use, check the printing surface has enough amount of ink. Also need to print is clean, if used for a long time or space too much dirt, will reduce the transfer of the print, if water-based ink transfer is reduced, the thief problems will occur. In addition to the plate, also need regular cleaning anilox roller, if anilox roll jams would reduce ink load of the roller, resulting in printing the thief.
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