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This kind of water-based resin products in short supply

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-22
Along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, water-based resin manufacturer of decoration materials of environmental protection is becoming more and more people pay attention to, such as the emergence of water-based coating in decorating, compared to the paint, added more optional sex. , by contrast, water-based paint with water as the diluent, low VOC emissions, harmless to human body health, more and more get the welcome of the market, because of its green environmental protection as the important raw material of water-based resin, water-based paint for its excellent environmental protection, cost performance and application status, become a waterborne industrial paint & other Darling & throughout; 。 In recent years, there are a lot of coating enterprise to adapt to The Times, positive transformation, foshan jun can co. , LTD. ( Foshan jun can) It is conform to the requirements of The Times, to try to develop water-based coatings. We have learned, foshan jun can be engaged in the r&d and production of water-based resin has a history of more than 20 years. As early as in 1998, foshan jun can have launched PJ380 water-soluble polyester resin and PJ36 - 60 water-soluble acrylic resin, and establish a good reputation in the market. After nearly 20 years of development, foshan jun can system of water-based resin has been initially formed, the existing water soluble acrylic resin, water soluble polyester resin and three series products, waterborne acrylic modified resin can be prepared varnish, color paint, metallic paint, coating applied to metal, glass, wood, basic can achieve the level of oil product in terms of performance. Water-based resin sample by introducing, foshan jun to water-soluble acrylic resin, the product has excellent adhesion, weather resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, high hardness, resistance to yellowing, bright mirror, specular loading properties, such as transparency. Is suitable for the production of water-borne acrylic amino hood light paint with water coil coating, glass paint, etc. At present, because of its high performance characteristics, is deep the industry peer recognition, become an excellent supplier several large coatings at home and abroad enterprises, orders constantly! Product effect show as we have learned, foshan jun can produce water soluble acrylic modified polyester resin also popular in the market, the product of metal, glass, ceramic and plastic has good adhesion, but also has excellent weather resistance to protect optical performance and impact resistant ability. For production of waterborne two-component polyisocyanate dry coating, also can produce high temperature aqueous amino paint, or cooperate with enclosed isocyanate in the production of water-soluble baking varnish. Can have the customer reflect, foshan jun of water-soluble acrylic modified polyester resin excluding APEO, accord with environmental protection requirement. And the resin has excellent pigment wetting can, also can make paste pigment carrier. In addition, water-soluble acrylic modified polyester resin can be used as polyisocyanate were reaction agent, to make the dry type water-soluble two-component coating. Product display high quality product can't depart from the support of core technology, over the years, foshan jun can steady development and make our products constantly upgrading keep up with The Times, and it constantly on research and development, always maintain the competitiveness of the core technology has a significant relationship. As a technology as the forerunner of water-based coatings industry, foshan jun can be spared no effort to build on the core technology, long-term fixed-point r&d cooperation and the original chemical coatings institute, by establishing & other; Enterprise technology center of guangdong province & throughout; As the core of enterprise technology innovation system, and constantly cultivate enterprise's core competitiveness, increase new advantages. According to the China coating procurement network understanding, over the years, foshan jun to have 6 items are products ranked first in the national or provincial industry quality appraisal, 7 products through the provincial appraisal, nine products are classified as high-tech products, two products were listed in national torch plan, 1 products listed in the provincial torch plan, one was named the province famous brand products, honor more than amazing. Manufacturer of superabsorbent resin product effect shows in the face of the challenge of the growing human survival environment nowadays, green is familiar. Foshan jun to energy conservation and emissions reduction, cleaner production, safety, environmental protection and occupational health as the ultimate goal, as early as four years ago, in 2014, foshan jun can increased the investment of more than 300 ten thousand yuan with automatic control system of exhaust gas, waste water treatment plant, the environmental protection processing plant in guangdong province in the same industry pioneered the use of and achieved good results, to eliminate the organic waste gas emission in the process of production, played a positive role for the environment. Innovation through independent development and the introduction of absorption, roll out water, low carbon, environmental protection product with high performance. Under the challenge of growing environment, the future, foshan jun will uphold & other; Create value for customers, and improve enterprise efficiency & throughout; Win-win principle, hard work and innovation. In subsequent development, foshan jun can in addition to raising the quality of the existing products, will also follow the national paint regulatory requirements, reduce water soluble products of VOC, development of water-borne acrylic dispersions, water-based polyester dispersion, waterborne two-component epoxy, it's a two-component waterborne wood coatings resins, weather resistance type two-component waterborne epoxy, solid dose of marketed products and gradually, coating of better serve the masses of customers.
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