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To avoid the shrinkage cavity phenomenon in the process of water-based plastic gravure ink

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-04
Use water-based plastic gravure ink in the process, such as print ink layer appears on the bulging like a fountain or a crater of spots, sometimes has the whole design, printing surface roughness and glossiness. It is usually because the surface of the water-based plastic printing ink dry quickly, transfer first thermal first strongly on the surface and form dry film, on the lower solvent was temporarily closed, when heated, and continue its solvent to escape to the outside world, the energy to break through the degree of membrane, erupt, the formation of shrinkage cavity phenomenon. Luke small make up to give the following solutions: 1, appropriate to join in water-based plastic printing ink flow ping agent; 2, with low surface tension of the solvent; 3, on the surface of the substrates do wet processing; 4, control the temperature and humidity of the printing work environment; 5, and reduced the surface tension between the printing ink and the printability carrier, make the ink and the carrier has good wettability, make it not with the cause of shrinkage cavity formed between material surface tension gradient; 6, to reduce the viscosity, improving water-borne plastic ink liquidity.
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