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Traditional carton glazing oil VS wear-resisting light oil

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-04
Traditional carton glazing oil main agent is dissolved in the water or polymer is suspended in the water. Prone to drying speed slow, gloss is not good enough, transparency is not high, water resistant abrasion resistance is not good, poor dimensional stability after coating, drying after cracking, and so on and so forth. In carton wear-resisting light oil. In the traditional carton glazing oil adding additives ( Mainly surfactants) And its appearance has milk-white. Adjust the solid content of glazing oil, can obtain high gloss, gloss, the luster, such as different polishing effect, the test prove that can achieve high light, quick drying, good flow property, water resistance, and high wear resistance, friction 2000 times back and forth can not rub off. Fierce competition in the market now, the businessman in order to improve commodity grades and competitive efforts, all the goods of printing and packaging production gets elegant high-grade, unique, magnificent, carton wear-resisting light oil in addition to can achieve high wear resistance, waterproof highlights features, or meet the requirements of the health, environmental protection oil polish, and adopt water-based carton wear-resisting light oil printing quality by biodegradable recycling.
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