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In general, polyurethanes are synthetic resins or plastics that result from a polyaddition reaction between dialcohols or polyols and polyisocyanates. Polyurethane casting resin has a wide range of properties that vary from application to application and cover a wide range of possibilities. A wide range of diisocyanates and polyols can be made to react for polyurethane resin production, and therefore, polyurethane resin uses are many and wide, and cut across a vast range of industries.

Advantages of Polyurethane Resins

Thanks to their composition and nature, polyurethane resin uses can be found in a number of consumer as well as industrial products. They are:

Highly elastic

Balanced in hardness and

Capable of adhering well to substrates

Types of Polyurethane Resins

1. Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers

Adding polyurethane to certain products help in increasing its shelf life and improving its appearance. Adhesives of polyurethane facilitate in robust bonding, and polyurethane sealants help to seal more securely. Elastomers from polyurethane are lightweight and resistant to several environmental factors, recover from stress quicker and more efficiently, and can be molded into several shapes.

2. Rigid Polyurethane Foam

This foam is used to provide more comfort in homes and commercial properties through insulation and minimizing energy loss. Heating and cooling (air conditioners, room heaters, etc.) are responsible for high electricity bills. Rigid polyurethane foam can be effectively used to insulate walls, windows, doors, and roofs, and achieve uniform temperature and reduce noise levels too.

3. Flexible Polyurethane Foam

This is used in a range of consumer and industrial products for cushioning purposes, like: interiors of vehicles, furniture, mattresses, packaging, and so on. It can be made into a number of shapes, and you can have it in the desired firmness. It is lightweight, sturdy, comfortable, and offers support. Get some uses of stearic acid.

4. Binders

Several types of fibers and particles can be made to adhere to each other using polyurethane binders. Sand casting in foundries, rubber flowing, wooden panels etc. are some of the areas where these binders find use. Oriented Strand Board (wood panels) have the highest share of usage of these binders. The panels are used in shop panels, beams, joists, flooring, sheathing and so on. The PU binders are also used as adhesive to bind flexible PU foam pieces or scraps in rebond carpet underlays. You can check out the best polyurethane resin suppliers.

5. Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

The process of polyurethane RIM enables production of parts that cannot be manufactured through conventional injection molding processes, and is used in telecom equipment, electrical housing panels, car bumpers, etc. This process enhances flexibility of design, and facilitates production of foamed cores, encapsulated inners, wall parts (thick or thin), etc. Polyurethane RIM components are sturdy, lightweight, are heat resistant, dimensionally stable, provide heat insulation, and are dynamic. Industries from furniture to automotive and construction to sports goods use RIM parts.

6. Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

This is a very flexible, durable, and elastic material which can withstand heavy impact, adverse weather and abrasion. As such, it can be made and used in numerous ways, and its addition to products improves its durability. It is 100% thermoplastic, and hence can be melt-processed, as well as extruded, injected, blown and compressed. TPU is widely used in fabrication as you can vacuum-form or solution-coat it. As it offers innumerable combinations of physical properties, it is very flexible, and finds applications in diverse industries, from construction to footwear.

7. Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions (PUDs)

As the name suggests, PUDs use water as the chief solvent. This material is overwhelmingly used in commercial applications, especially in manufacturing.

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