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Use pur common problems pur hot melt adhesive glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-02
As the application of pur more and more widely, has a lot of problems for some users with them, don't know how to judge the problems existing in the pur hot melt glue. We can use PUR hot melt adhesive packing, color, handle, plastic, coating, development time, use environment, ultimately bonding effect. 1. Packing: packed in PUR hot melt adhesive is more special, must use aluminum foil bag sealing and needs of pumping air into vacuum state, under the low temperature storage, if found that there are packing damage could lead to a part of colloid reaction, meet so please contact the manufacturer to determine quality before use. 2. Color, feel after opening the package if found a large color deviation, feel is hard or too soft may lead to quality change. 3. Observe plastic surface coating on glue for grain, whether for glue evenly, touch a viscous, see if there is a rebound after coating adhesion. 4. Melt in the melt if the melt temperature is high, at ordinary times when time is long, likely rubber surface have crust or rubber itself with the original formula has changed. 5. Development time, the use of environmental glue directly affect the production process, the open time of opening time depends on itself and using the environment temperature, melt problem, usually melt temperature is the same, if there is an open time is too long or too long is designed by the glue itself formula have change and use of a change in the temperature of environment, there is a word can do constant temperature workshop can ensure adhesive performance better. 6. Eventually adhesive effect often use the feedback static put glue and base material is not sticky, after 12 hours to 1. Such problems can be considered compound formulation change or a adhesive substrate material if there is a change. 2. If fastness decreased consider composite pressure, the gluing quantity, open time.
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