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Use water-based glue the matters needing attention of water-based glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-01
When using water-based glue need to pay attention to what factors? First, the construction conditions: water-based glue suitable bonding temperature is 25 & plusmn; 5 ℃, humidity is 55 & ndash; 75%, don't close to fire or high temperature. Generally speaking, water-based glue below 5 ℃ in winter, likely gel phenomenon, affect the use, then available 30 ℃ & ndash; 50 ℃ hot water soaking glue tank for 20 minutes of restorable, performance is the same, may continue to use. Second, the bonding pressure: water-based spray adhesive strength, when glue must seize opportunity, one-time alignment position glue, not moving back and forth. After bonding, to press, hammer out air pressure or rolling way, dense rubber, improve the quality of adhesive. Third, glue: general again glue material. For porous material, need to glue 2 & ndash; Three times, and must be on again after adhesive solvent volatilization completely, to the glue, do not act too hastily. To prevent the residual air rubber, coating should be in the same direction when moving, so conducive to air discharge, but pay attention to the surface velocity shoulds not be too fast. General rubber the thinner, the less defects, the smaller the shrinkage, the higher the bonding strength. Rubber should be not thick, thin rubber too thick, will produce opaque, glue rickety, blister defects, etc. Therefore, in the guarantee under the premise of no shortage of rubber, rubber as well as far as possible some more thin. General rubber thickness should be controlled in 0. 08 -- 0. It is advisable to 15 mm, amount to 250 & ndash; 350g/m2。 , air buy 4: air buy's aim is to make clean solvent evaporation, lower viscosity, promote curing. Glue after solvent evaporation must be made clean, do not glue, in order to avoid or rubber sticky bubble, led to the decrease of the quality of the adhesive. Air buy time for 5 & ndash; 15 minutes / 25 ℃. For rubber in dry membrane ( With your fingers touch the non-stick refers to) , you should immediately on the adhesion; Air buy time shoulds not be too long, lest the rubber lose viscosity, affect the bonding strength. Fifth, surface requirement: water-based glue before use will be glued proper surface treatment is necessary, including degreasing, derusting, in addition to water, grinding, keep the surface clean, dry, solid; In addition to oil, 120 # gasoline decontamination available, fast dry solvents such as toluene or ethyl acetate is swabbed clean, and dry grinding general gently with 0 # or 1 # sandpaper grind. Glued plywood, flooring, bamboo or other wood products, the moisture content of glued objects in front of the glue must demand under 8%, if more than 8%, should be glued to dry or dry and then glue. Sixth, maximum strength: although water-based glue can form good viscous force in a short period of time, but the three required to achieve maximum intensity & ndash; 5 days, so, the tolerance big joint, should be placed enough time to use. Seventh, storage: water-based glue should be stored in a cool, dry and away from children. Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature, bad sealing or exposure time is long, will cause after solvent evaporation viscosity is too big, can't construction. Available toluene, ethyl acetate, butanone, acetone or thin, can stir well continue to use. In addition to the above several aspects of the problem, in the process of the use of water-based glue also notice a lot of other issues, in the process of using water-based glue to note that these matters when we use water-based glue is a big help.
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