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Using additives are what help for water-based ink printing

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-02
The emergence of environmentally friendly water-based ink for many printing and packaging industry provides a great convenience, stems mainly from its ink and no emissions of VOCs, bright printed in the printing and adhesion. Water-based ink industry has occupied the main position, now have a lot of places at home and abroad in the use of water-based ink, small make up today to explain the effect of additives for water-based ink will be how to help. Thinner, can reduce the viscosity of water-based ink, using diluent can prevent stripping, the use of any additives cannot too much, diluent, too, otherwise the printing effect will be discounted. Stabilizing agent, can improve the PH value of water-based ink, can improve the drying time. Defoaming agent, which can eliminate the bubbles produced by water-based ink. Thinner, can be directly used to increase the brightness of the print, need to consider when using thinner color shades and then make a decision. Slow drying agent, used to reduce the drying rate of ink. Quick drying agent, and on the contrary, used to improve the drying speed of the ink. Thickener. Used to improve the viscosity of the ink. Printing enterprise need according to their own requirements, reasonable use each assistant, help ink printing effect.
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