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VR virtual reality devices sweat resistance to salt fog corrosion prevention nano coating solution

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-14
Virtual reality VR is now deduce rollerblading, including further augmented reality AR equipment, to the present people provides a different visual and tactile experience, make people sense of science and technology in the future life is full of imagination. Quite a number of manufacturers is not only to master the core technology and continuous research and development ability, follow market mainstream and popular items copy stage. VR is an important direction of simulation technology, simulation technology and computer graphics, man-machine interface technology is multimedia technology collection of sensor network technology and other technology, is a challenging cross technology frontier disciplines and research areas. Virtual reality technology ( VR) Mainly includes the simulation environment, perception, natural skills and sensing devices, etc. Simulation environment is generated by a computer, real-time dynamic 3 d lifelike images. Perception refers to the ideal of VR should have all of perception. Besides the visual perception of the computer graphics, and hearing, touch, feel, and other sports awareness, and even smell and taste, etc. , also known as more awareness. Natural skills refers to the man to turn head, eyes, gestures, or other human actions, by a computer to process corresponds to the action of the participants in the data, and make real-time response to user input, and feedback to the user's facial features. Sensing device is refers to the three dimensional interactive device. VR key technologies of virtual reality is a combination of various techniques, including real-time 3 d computer graphics technology, wide Angle ( Wide field) Stereo display technology, the observer head, eyes and hands of tracking technology, as well as the sense of touch force sensing/feedback, stereo, network transmission, such as speech input and output technology. In the face of these techniques under explained respectively. ( 1) Real-time 3 d computer graphics, by contrast, using a computer model to produce graphic images is not too difficult. If there is enough accurate model, and have enough time, we can generate accurate images of objects under different light conditions, but the key here is real time. Image, for example, in a flight simulation system to refresh is quite important, at the same time is also high to the requirement of image quality, coupled with very complex virtual environment, the problem becomes quite difficult. ( 2) Shows that people look at the world around us, because the location of the two eyes is different, have a slightly different images, the images in your head together, has formed a view about the world around us as a whole, this scene includes information of distance. Distance information, of course, can also be obtained from other methods, such as the comparison of distance, and the size of the object, the focal length of the eye. In a VR system, binocular stereo vision plays a big role. The user's eyes to see different images are respectively, displayed in different display. Some system USES a single display, but after users to wear special glasses, one eye can only see the odd frames, another eye sees only the even frame, the difference between odd and even frame is the parallax is created stereo feeling. The user ( Head, eyes) Tracking: in the artificial environment, each object relative to the coordinate system, there is a position and attitude, while the user is the same. The user sees is by the user's location and head ( Eyes) To determine the direction. Tracking head movement of the virtual reality headset: in the traditional computer graphics, the change of the field is done by mouse or keyboard, the user's visual system and motion detection system is the separation, the head tracking and used to change the perspective of image, the user's visual system and motion detection system can connect, feel more realistic. Another advantage is that the user can not only through the binocular stereo vision to recognize the environment, but also by the movement of the head to look at the environment. The user and computer interaction, the keyboard and mouse is by far the most commonly used tools, but for three dimensional space, they are not very suitable. In three-dimensional space because there are six degrees of freedom, it is difficult for us to find out more intuitive way to put the mouse mapping of planar movement into a three-dimensional space of arbitrary movement. Now, there have been some equipment can provide six degrees of freedom, such as 3 space digitizer and SpaceBall space ball, etc. Other performance comparison is excellent equipment data gloves and clothing. ( 3) Voice is able to determine the direction of the sound source. On the horizontal direction, we depend on the difference of the phase difference and the strength of sound to determine the direction of the sound, because reach the ears of time or distance is different.
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