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Water-based adhesive application of those things

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-28
Printing industry VOCs emissions link include printing, drying, composite and cleaning. Emissions of VOCs, education version fluid and printing ink, adhesives, car wash water, diluent and other printing supplies. Based on this, the printing enterprise must, in the printing, drying, accordingly improve composite and cleaning steps, gradually realize environmental protection. Green raw materials and green printing process substitution method, organic solvent recovery technology is the comparison of the current printing industry advocates several VOCs emission reduction methods. Among them, the water-based adhesive glue is natural or synthetic polymer macromolecule material, with water as solvent or dispersants, replace the environmental pollution of toxic organic solvents, and preparation of, a kind of environmentally friendly adhesives with non-toxic, non-polluting, no combustion, the use of safe, easy to realize clean production, etc. Here, the author will talk about those things related to water-based adhesive! Water-based adhesives manufacturers how to choose the water-based adhesive 1. Fully understand the characteristics of water-based adhesives before choosing water-based adhesive, must fully understand its characteristics. First, any kind of adhesive is not everything, a kind of adhesive can only be used for bond some or some kind of specific materials. At present, water-based adhesive is mainly suitable for grinding paper/paper, PET/paper, BOPP, PVC/paper/paper coherence between the base material. Secondly, the preparation method of different types of water-based adhesives and production process is different, so its chemical and physical properties is also different, printing enterprises should choose according to their own actual situation. The author believes that the important application of water-based adhesives indicators including compressive strength, high/low temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and its viscosity in four aspects. Often occur in the actual application of the bond, degumming, film brittle basic it is because of the above four indexes such as substandard housing. Again, to understand the disadvantages of water-based adhesives, including drying, such as slow speed and poor poor resistance to water, antifreeze, in order to rational use. 2. Choose cost-effective products choosing water-based adhesive, should with & other Quality first, price second & throughout; For the principle, the price is expensive, is not necessarily appropriate. The author thinks that, when choosing water-based adhesive, to comprehensively consider the characteristics of processed products and the status of the enterprise itself, choose cost-effective products. How to water-based water-based adhesive 1. Store items water-based adhesive must avoid light in 5 ~ 40 ℃ indoor and ventilated environment, avoid direct sunlight, moisture proof, antifreeze and cannot be dirt and solvent pollution, etc. Suggested warehouse management by accepted the professional training of personnel, and equipped with temperature and humidity meter, the temperature and humidity of the warehouse records every day, such as the temperature is beyond the scope suggested, should take timely improvement measures, to ensure the quality of the water-based adhesives. When the recipients, should according to the principle of first in first out, in order to ensure the freshness of water-based adhesives. 2. Use water-based adhesive matters in the process of concrete use, the following should be paid attention to. ( 1) Water-based adhesive is suitable for production of content without excitant, volatile, destructive lightweight composite packaging, for a new product structure and special packing materials, packing conditions, would take small sample trial production before use, again after confirm that meet the requirements for mass production. ( 2) Water-based adhesive after curing processing is required at present, to encourage the water-based adhesives can reach the best composite curing reaction intensity. ( 3) To meet the need of using diluted, need to use distilled water or pure water. ( 4) Could the one-component waterborne adhesives is longer, more glue can be used by several times in the next time you use to join. Two-component aqueous adhesive should as far as possible on the day of preparation finished. ( 5) Water-based adhesive bonding base material surface treatment requirements: polyolefin film surface tension value & ge; 38 mn/m, polyester film & ge; 52 mn/m, nylon membrane & ge; 46mN/m。 ( 6) Due to the composition of water-based adhesives glue volume is small, the rubber roller should choose mesh point and light laser, electronic engraving roller, which can guarantee the water-based adhesive are better able to transfer to the film. ( 7) Using water-based adhesive, be sure to put in water-based adhesive glue barrel slow mixing 5 ~ 10 minutes, to guarantee a variety of additives in waterborne adhesive mixing. ( 8) As far as possible the use of reverse rotation and rubber roller. Reverse flattening roller has much effect on the product appearance, by adjusting the speed, the apparent best results of the product. ( 9) Water-based adhesive glue groove and barrel must be used between the diaphragm pump, air clean the pump before use, can not have other solvents. ( 10) The oven temperature to 80 ℃, 85 ℃ or 95 ℃ ( Temperature after reaching set point to boot) 。 In addition, the airflow drying is very important for water-based adhesives, so oven into the air and exhaust air into the largest, as far as possible to take away hot and humid air. ( 11) In order to prevent plugging version, scraper must be loosen during downtime, and glue roller infiltration in water-based adhesive keep turning. ( 12) In order to prevent machine high speed bubble, can put a stick of distributing in glue tank. ( 13) After it was used to wipe off water on the rubber roller on the water-based adhesive, reoccupy ethyl ester to do a thorough cleaning. If produce wall version, you need to clean with butanone.
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