Sinograce Chemical is a subsidiary of Baoze Group, which is engaged in R&D, production and sales of chemical products. Its main products are chemical products. Based on people-oriented and loyal. Grateful mission, serving 30,000 customers worldwide.To become an innovative, the most professional water-based products manufacturing enterprises, admired by our employees and respected by the community.As a professional chemical company that based on technology and focuses on the research and development of products. The professional chemical talents come from Anhui University and other universities. Has its own R&D center, synthesis laboratory, application experiment center and production factory.Provide customers with customized services to meet different customer needs and provide a total solution for customers.


Water based Polyurethane adhesive

Water Based Pressure Adhesive 

Water Based PET Adhesive


Sinograce as a professional surface material treatment specialist, our coatings can be used on textile,leather, construction, label printing materials, metal, kitchen and other surfaces to meet different requirements for different surface treatments. Acrylic adhesive is designed for BOPP tapes. Good leveling, excellent holding power and high peel strength. It is suitable for kinds of adhesive or glue tapes.Pressure sensitive adhesive for PVC film labels, is an aqueous dispersion polymer with unique balance of cohesion, tack and peel adhesion properties for PVC film labels. This product is recommended for applications where mandrel resistance is required. Non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is water based acrylic emulsion copolymer is designed for trademark glue. High adhesive force, good flowability and excellent weatherability.  ●Very good UV stability and Adhesion to Polyolefin  ● Excellent Film Clarity/Mandrel Resistance/Peel/Shear Balance  ● Excellent slitting and Die Cutting Properties ● Can be formulated for the Most Recent Coating Lines.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

For Trademark 

For Paper Materials

For Polyurethane Shoe Textile 

Cold Lamination Adhesive

For PVC Film Labels

Eco-Friendly Materials & Inquire for more information & Favorable Price!

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