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Water-based carton GY1401 waterproof light oil

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-18
Luke featuring the company's products are environmental protection, the water-based waterproof light oil GY1401 cartons from matt to high brightness, complete product varieties, can also be customized according to the demand effect, can be used for online or offline glazing of the paper. The characteristics of this product is easy to use, small smell, no danger, no pollution to the environment. Glazing of print in the carton waterproof light oil effect lasting, has a good waterproof, frost resistance, flow flat, dry and wear-resisting performance have certain resistance to chemicals, slitting and creasing can be used, can be recycled. Its solid type is 35% ~ 43%, flash point higher than 100 ℃. Suitable for various types of paper and board, used for quantitative lighter materials should pay attention to avoid bending deformation, surface tension should be at least three. 5× 10 - 2 n/m, to use the solubility and alkali resistance of water-based ink, and fast drying or abrasion of water-based inks, avoid using metal ink. Attention to mix when using, pay attention to the different polishing system chooses the corresponding light oil, can do a test first. The cartons waterproof light oil, especially suitable for online glazing.
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