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Water-based coating defoamer industry solution defoaming agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-19
A, water-based paint industry characteristics: water instead of organic solvent thorn, the mixture of coating safe, cheap, health. Coming of synthetic resin, water-borne coatings obtained rapid development. Water-based coatings not only to synthetic materials instead of vegetable oil, improve the performance of coating; And solved the coating solvent gas in the construction of the harm. In addition, because the oil crisis, to prevent the pollution of the environment, pay attention to ecological protection, are further prompted the rapid development of waterborne coatings. Water-based paint is easily foaming system, defoaming agent factory has always been committed to coating of ability in defoaming agent research and development in this area. The current research and development of waterborne coating and without silicon class defoaming agent also has a silicon class, defoamer product is complete, get the consistent high praise. Water-based paint with latex paint and water soluble paint two kinds big, lac mainly has three types: vinyl acetate and butyl benzene and acrylic type, are after the emulsion polymerization, latex to income made by adding pigment paste. In the process of mixing harmonic often severe foaming. Foam volume expansion, reduce harmonic equipment utilization. Blister limits the stirring speed, make harmonic extension, but also can make the pigment and filler is not fully wetting; Harmonic injection after making packaging barrels, continuous injection production line is not injected by weight by volume, foaming barrel cannot fill, and because of the bubble is burst, and will make the injection barrel uneven in weight and interference for packing; Emulsioni paint is in use, the bubbles will cause surface defects, such as a sinkhole in coating, the bubble about to burst to paint drying, film forming, make the holes or called fisheye to appear on the coating. The application of water-based coating defoamer and choice. Avoid bubble, in the production of water-based coating, actual it is not possible, thus defoaming measures must be taken. As mentioned earlier, water-based paint production and use of multi-channel process blister problems, mechanical defoaming methods to install every sequence is a set of device. Defoaming, so, waterborne coatings are using the method of adding defoaming agent, in fact, exist in all water-based coating defoamer. With color, or need color coating, choosing defoaming agent, to consider the surface active material such as emulsifier of defoaming agent. ( 1) : use defoaming agent: water-based coatings used in waterborne coatings, printing ink, ink, light oil, leather edge oil, paper coating, adhesive, paint, adhesives, polyvinyl alcohol, and other system cannot use organic silicon defoamer concentrate directly add, can also be partial to add, add half in grinding phase, inhibiting bubble, paint mixing stage then add the other half. 1, special apply to coating of ability in system; 2, can prevent the micro bubble and bubble; 3, deaeration efficiency is high; 4, high compatibility; 5, suitable for varnish and color paint; 6, can be used in the airless spraying formula. Features: water-based coating defoamer is organic polyether ester, mineral oils, alcohols compound products, through special process refined but become. Has since emulsification, easy dispersion, versatility, good defoaming and inhibit durable performance, etc. Are not significantly affected by surface defects or membranous, has the special effect on coating system. ( 2) : powder coating defoamer: used in powder coating, wall putty powder, plaster slab floors, decorative mortar, self-leveling cement, binding mortar, waterproof mortar, etc. Features: very good liquidity. Work so its good operability and transportation is very convenient. In addition to all the powder coating are good intermiscibility, application in other industries also get good results. ( 3) : high build coating defoamer: a high build coating defoamer; High viscosity elastic coatings ( Elastic paint) , thick plasma high-density emulsioni paint, single layer coating, paint, latex paint elastomeric gigging light use defoaming agent. Features: high build coating defoamer is a variety of organic compound and into high efficiency defoaming agent; In the process of coating production, packaging and application, can effectively control the generation of bubble, has good compatibility with a wide range of system, the validity of the persistent, and work in a wide PH range. Fine bubble elimination ability, inhibit sexual lasting.
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