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Water-based environmental protection scope and characteristics of the water spray 㬵 spray adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-19
Water-based environmental protection spray adhesive is a new type two-component speed dry strength water-based glue. Its characteristic is environmental protection non-toxic, low odor, a stick to the, less fog without, the usage of glue. Every drop in the process of spray glue, can evenly sprayed onto the surface of the glued thing won't waste of glue, can maintain a clean working environment at the same time, more in line with GB / 18583 - promulgated by the People's Republic of China 2008 interior decoration decorate material harmful material set limit to standard adhesive. A, scope of application: this product is mainly used in car seat, swivel chair, high-grade pillows, mattresses, thick leather sofa, cloth art sofa, screen, handbags and leather goods such as software of furniture manufacturing. Suitable for use in a sponge, thick leather, imitation leather, cloth, adhesive bonded leather and other materials. Second, the physical properties of the product: don't the main agent catalyst outside view milk white or colorless transparent color or sky blue sky blue liquid liquid solid content 53% & plusmn; 1 main ingredients polychloroprene, such as water, resin, water-based catalyst close degree 1. 05 - 1. 1 g/ml 1. 05 - 1. 100-1 g/ml glue degrees 150 [ email  保护) 25℃ 100- 150 [ email  保护) Three, product characteristics: 25 ℃ with non-combustible, quick-drying, stick relay strong, no pollution, non-toxic, low odor, etc. Have put an end to the function of fire hazards. ( 1) Do material formula without adding any organic solvent, water environmental protection spray adhesive is fully using solvent inorganic synthesis. ( 2) Main ingredients such as water and polychloroprene copolymerization of excluding volatile substances in green water-based glue, namely zero VOC ( Volatile organic compounds) 。 Four, operation process: before construction need double-sided glue, will first spray glue on the then the surface of things, and then the real-time to pressure laminating two kinds of materials. This product must use professional spraying equipment and spray gun to spray glue, glue glue gun pressure of 2. 5 - 3. 0 KG, glue pressure barrels to 1. 0 - 1. 5 kg, sizing amount of 10 - 100 g/m2, water spray adhesive spray shoulds not be too thick, so as not to cause the slow dry phenomenon, glue does need to spray evenly on the then surface to avoid glue, glue in 30 - distance 50cm。 Five, the chemical properties: water-based environmental protection spray adhesive for non-combustible material, non-toxic, low odor to skin, eyes, respiratory tract have very weak stimulation. In the construction, should wear masks to prevent overflowing water mist inhaled into the respiratory tract, hand contact with glue, usable soap to clean. Operation process such as splash the eyes carelessly, please clean with clean water, if there is any discomfort, please go to a doctor. Six, storage methods: in 5 - 30 ℃ seal stored in a cool and dry place. Warning: this product under the condition of low temperature or high temperature, easy to produce demulsification and failure, should be avoided. Seven, shelf life: not in a sealed open conditions: 6 months.
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