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Water-based flexo ink plastic choose the five elements of anilox roll

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-10
Water-based plastic is various plastic film of ink, printing ink in flexo printing process, how should we choose anilox roll printing, causes the printing effect better? Today in the er, plastic ink manufacturers to summarizes the five elements of anilox roll. 1, according to the graphic structure selection for the same reticulate sculpture technology, line number, the higher the ink quantity is less, more suitable for printing branches and tiny text pattern. While the lower screen ruling said the ink quantity is higher, more suitable for printing the design of large area and bold. Should be paid attention to in water-based plastic printing ink manufacturer to remind, such as the ink is too much can cause print jams, layout fuzzy not clear. While too little of ink transfer will generate image color difference, the thief on the spot and inked unevenness of failure. 2, according to a rough surface substrates choose substrates, water-based plastic printing ink transfer is big, it is need to use less cable line of anilox roll, and smooth the surface of the printed substrates to use the Internet more ink transfer small anilox roll. 3, on the basis of the number plate of the mesh line select each color in order to make the plate accurately represent the level of branch, the buddhist doctrine must guarantee the accuracy of the plate on each node. So anilox roll opening part should be less than the area of the site area, so there are several lis hole inked, can prevent the network into a mesh, make print dot appear expand the phenomenon. 4, choose according to different d/a devices in double roller ink system, losing to correctly with proper hardness of the ink fountain roller match to make ink transfer smoothly. Response to lose ink scraping knife device is generally used in fine products, need to match more than 220 lpi anilox roll, the grid is sprayed. 5, choose according to different degree of wear and tear prisms anilox roll wear resistance than sprayed anilox roll. The service life of the former to the latter one. 375 times. So the pyramid anilox roll is suitable for echo scraping blade type ink system.
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