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Water-based glue in the construction, why there is a lot of flying silk water-based glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-09
Why are some water-based glue spraying when construction has a large number of flying silk? Based on a lot of field experience, basically classified into the following reasons: reasons 1: spray distance too far. Construction workers with material too far away from the distance, cannot make water based spray glue onto the material normally recommended measures: adjust the spraying distance and Angle. Reason 2: gun fault. Inside the gun out of the question, which leads to the glue can't normal jet suggested measures: replacement or repair spray gun. Reason 3: spray gun pressure is too low. As a result of the spray gun pressure too low, not enough pressure is glue very well spraying out suggested measures: higher air pressure gun, normal is 6 & ndash; 8 kg pressure. Reason 4: water-based spray high viscosity suggested measures: use thinner, adjust the glue viscosity.
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