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Water-based glue operation specification and matters needing attention water-based glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-29
The operation of the water spray adhesive specification: 1, before construction, first check whether the gun function is in good condition, such as water should be ruled out in advance; 2, the construction should be the material's surface is clean, can not have grease, dust or other debris; 3, construction should be far away from fire and static electricity, construction site within 50 meters shall not have other produce sparks or static electricity construction; 4, the construction site should open doors and Windows to ensure the well ventilated; 5, the nozzle to the material surface evenly spray: * nozzle should be with material on the surface of the vertical; * the nozzle from the material surface to 0. 5 meters is preferred; * gun pressure should be transferred to 6 kg normal requirements; * gun out evenly fan-shaped fog, fan-shaped Angle of about 45 degrees; * spraying is better to glue layer covering material, rubber shoulds not be too thick; * when spraying, the spray gun should be uniform smooth move, no glue product, not lack of glue. Place 1-6, even after spraying, 2 minutes bonding ( Or will be subject to sub non-stick hand) ; 7, spray gun need not when, should put the gun clean; 8, some special material or process need glue layer after drying, reheat pressure glue, the glue can be adjusted according to customer requirements; 9 when appropriate pressure, and can make better bonding effect; 10, the influence of the bad coating: * rubber cover is too thin, easy to cause the viscous force is not enough; * rubber is too thick, would increase the cost, slow drying speed, etc. , at the same time will cause the glue, affect bonding quality. * sub uneven, can cause plastic product, part bounce off phenomenon. Water-based glue of note: 1, the tins through packing pressure, easy to cause explosion; when it is heated 2, save, do not over at temperatures above 50 degrees; 3, use place please select a well ventilated place; 4, the tins should be placed in the reach of children; 5, discarding the former should be prior to nobody's place, spray all the contents completely, and with nails Pierce the tank wall; If, when using contact with the skin, clean with chemical degumming agents, to achieve good results.
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