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Water-based glue warm prompt and common problems of water-based glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-29
Water-based glue warm prompt: 1, if the glue is not completely dry prone to viscous force is bad, then stick well, but over time what will burst open, fall off to the powder; 2, if spraying uneven joint is not good, easy appeared similar & other; Bubbles & throughout; 、“ Granular material & throughout; 、“ Surface uneven & throughout; And so on; 3, if in the glue joint will be non-viscous beyond time, cannot normal glue, even forced to stick on, will bounce off; 4, must be ready to fire prevention, anti-static measures, such as related equipment must be grounded line, operator dress must also prevent electrostatic generation, when the operating environment of low humidity, must make processing of humidification, etc, in order to prevent the fire accident, etc. Analyse the common problems of water-based glue: 1, q: why the viscous force glue in winter than in summer so strong? A: temperature, humidity and operation specification of water-based glue is the three major factors affecting the water spray adhesive force. 2, q: why is enter the autumn winter season, the smell of the water spray adhesive feeling will be more big? Answer: the autumn/winter air temperature and air circulation as well as the glue too fast, causing water based spray glue smell can't release, etc. 3, q: why is water spray adhesive in use process will appear the spraying effect is bad situation? Answer: this has to do with the quality of the spray gun, air pressure unevenness, spraying distance range, temperature changes, the user selects the product model and so on.
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