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Water-based gravure printing ink will press

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-26
Grace in intaglio printing water-based ink is mainly used for printing paper and plastic film on these two kinds of base material. Grace of water-based gravure ink in production has been in accordance with the requirements of the customer base material, and machine parameters to adjust the formula, can be printed directly on the plastic film and paper printing, do not need to be modified printing machine. But because of a lot of plastic film printing factory is oily water-based, oily ink viscosity high, usually printed deep in 30 ~ 60 um. And plastic film printing water-based ink viscosity in 7 ~ 15 seconds of 4 # cup ( Cai En) That is much lower than oily ink viscosity. Advice to use water-based gravure ink in plastic film print should be in: 15 ~ 25 um, color white, 25 ~ 35 um. Plate after changing light not only can improve the printing speed, can also reduce the consumption of ink, save printing costs. Effect of water-based gravure ink plastic film well in gravure plastic membrane water-based ink using imported raw materials mixing, environmental protection, low odor, no corrosion plate, simple operation, stable performance, strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, tape after printing out the ink, in line with the ROHS environmental protection requirements. Applicable to the vest bag, valve bag, flat pocket, film packaging, composite packaging products such as printing.
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