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Water-based ink appear ripples how to solve

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-25
Water-based ink in printing plastic film, coated paper, coated paper and other relatively smooth paper printing design, text will appear water ripple, as on the substrate of ink is usually a low viscosity, water-based ink drying fast. In addition to the low viscosity of water-based ink printing effect itself will appear water ripples, and some printing factory water to save the cost would be too much, it results in the decrease of viscosity of water ripple, affect the printing effect. Too much water can appear not only water ripple, water-based ink PH may also be reduced. Color content reduce, the color becomes weak. Can also affect the printing quality adhesion and water resistance. Advice not excessive dilution, pour the dilute ink printing, one of the three points, such as water can achieve effect again gradually. Other manufacturers ink printing were under water after the well effect of water-based ink printing such as print in corrugated ripples don't know how to solve, also can contact related salesman, we provide you with relevant materials and solutions. Grace is according to the customer's printing parameters such as substrate, printing speed adjustment of the water-based ink viscosity, stable quality, can direct printing.
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