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Water-based ink color mean?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-27
Water-based ink color is four color red, four color yellow and four color is blue, any of these two kinds of color mixture could be a three equal amounts, two kinds of three equivalent mixed a multicolor is available, the three primary colors in equal phase mixing can be black. Four color can be red, four color yellow, four color mix blue ink amount, adding different proportions of white ink, the ink became different levels of gray. And after three or color hue tends to be the primary proportion of primary color hue. In any color of water-based ink in black ink, the hue becomes dark, on the contrary to join the white ink, the color will be more bright. In addition to the commonly used three primary colors, grace water-based ink manufacturer has ten years experience in research and development engineers and professional color mixing equipment, can according to customer's sample, the ink sample and pantone color number for toning, color has adjusted the production process, can direct printing, easy to operate.
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