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Water-based ink gravure version of the problem solving method

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-26
Grace in water-based gravure printing ink is mainly used in plastic film and paper products printing, two kinds of different materials with different formula. Today under the small make up mainly speak in blocking version of the problems and solutions in the process of intaglio printing, water-based gravure printing ink because of poor solubility, such as improper operation to plugging in print version. Advice: 1, 2 hours after downtime can be printed, clean with clear water after the plate in the printing. 2, can be appropriate to join slow dry agent, slow down the ink drying time, prevent ink drying too fast and blocking. 3, intaglio printing plate depth in 15 ~ 25 um, plate too easy blocking version, printing plate too deep printing speed will slow, the problem such as fine words printed not clear. Grace in special water-based gravure printing ink can be designed according to the requirements of the customers printing machine parameters and formula, so that the printing effect is good, not easy also blocking version problems. 吗? In water-based gravure printing ink film series is designed for film formula, after printing, good adhesion, abrasion resistance, water resistance not off the ink. Gravure paper water-based ink series designed paper gravure printing, printed after the bright colors, not the thief, wearability. 吗?
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