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Water-based ink has a harm to human body

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-22
We have three kinds of commonly used printing ink: 1, water-based ink, water soluble acrylic acid resin, water-based paint, water-based additives, water, etc. Printing ink can be diluted with water, non-combustible, not not volatilize harmful substances and smell, skin contact will not cause discomfort, there is no harm to human body. 2, solvent ink, solvent ink containing xylene, the composition such as different alcohols. Smells great, volatile odor and material can affect human body health, have a harm to human body. 3, printing ink, generally used for high boiling point solvent kerosene, composition containing flammable and explosive materials, not only smells great harm to health, also pose a threat to life. In water-based ink manufacturers, has ten years of experience in research and development team, focus on research and development environmental protection water-based ink for many years. Of grace in order to promote green printing industry development as the core, is now a new research and development of plastic membrane water-based ink, adhesive tape available out of ink, printing speed can reach 150 m/min, is instead of the solvent ink printing ink of environmental protection.
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