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Water-based ink level of fast

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-20
Well fast type of water-based ink is made of high quality water-based acrylic emulsion, fast colorants, additives and water, is designed specifically for the needs in the fluorescent lamp or sun long exposure designed product formula, after the printing quality of printing in the fluorescent lamp and sun exposure can effectively extend the decoloring phenomenon. In the fast type of water-based ink is divided into 3 - 8, fast level is according to customer requirements and different colors. The same level of fast it fast level have different color difference because of different color depth, its fast level is different also, the deeper the color, the lower the level of fast, whereas hue of light color fast level is high. Grace in water-based ink manufacturer has a more than ten years experience of research and development team, can according to customer's requirements ( Such as fast, water resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to alcohol, etc. ) Custom-made water-based ink formula, make the printing quality to achieve ideal printing effects.
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