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Water-based ink need to pay attention to a few things

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-19
Need to pay attention to when using water-based ink printing products does not mix with the rest of the ink, if you need to dilute, can add ethanol and water to dilute, if problems or drying speed, viscosity can be appropriate to add some additives. In front of the computer will need to water-based ink uniform mixing and then poured into the ink box printing, don't put the rest of the ink to pour out, to cover it. If the water-based ink appear problem, such as adhesion can not meet the requirements, easy to fall off and other issues, please contact grace in water-based ink manufacturers, to provide customers with one-on-one communication service, special engineering professionals, manufacturers have a telephone guidance, if necessary, can be used to allocate the door of water-based ink and ink debugging to customer satisfaction. After using water-based ink printing printing equipment need to clean, because after the printing ink will remain on the printing machine, although not corrosion anilox roll, but can be the next printing. There are many printing companies will purchase price blindly Qian Gui water-based ink, think that the printing effect is good, can print colorful patterns on the printing quality. But when choosing water-based ink, not only consider the price, if you harm when printing, is it not do more harm than good? When selecting ink manufacturers also need to consider the company's strength, the printing effect, environmental problems such as manifold.
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