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Water-based ink paste version of the solution

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-25
To start with small make up to explain what you paste version, paste version is refers to the ink on the printing ink is not shave, transfer appear when printing a big pollution, black ink prone to wind, so should be how to solve this problem? Small make up to you to analyze this reason has the following several aspects. A, printing machine, if wear or damage of the scraper or version of the roll, easy to reduce efficiency, paste version. Recommend replacing scraper, after the replacement need to adjust the position of the scraper if layout is rough to burnish, version can be revised version of the eccentric roller problems. Without serious white gauze can be used to wipe the version of roller, the layout of blowing. Second, the water-based ink viscosity is large, difficult to shave, paste version. Viscosity can be reduced viscosity, add the proportion of new Mexico, can also be used in the research and development of water-based ink and grace in the research and development of water-based ink will be according to the requirements of the clients substrate, printing machinery, such as for the customer to design their own water-based ink formula, stir well in front of the computer can be used. Won't appear this kind of phenomenon. 3, when using slow drying agent if there is a near the embossing point scraper, water-based ink to air interface is very small, are in a state of a wetting, prone to paste version phenomenon. This kind of situation can join quick-drying agent or reduce the printing speed.
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