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Water-based ink plug version phenomenon is how to produce

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-23
No printer to clean clean, no clean after use water-based ink printing, this puts extra ink residues on the plate, until after the printing pressure will appear when the plug again. Printing of the dust bag is damaged, it is used to collect dust, if dust bag damage will appear a lot of dust, causing version. No filter, in the water-based ink particles, if the particle is overmuch, there will be a version of the phenomenon. Know how to generate the plug version can one by one to solve problem. 1. Brush with wool after water-based ink printing press once, then use clean cloth, check points to have residual ink inside, and the need for printing equipment clean every day. 2. If dust bag damaged, replace a new dust bag. 3. When using water-based ink, filter in front of the computer first, suggest install a filter, in the printing ink barrels in recycled constantly filter, at the same time guarantee the quality of the water-based ink.
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