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Water-based ink printed with open blisters will rub off

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-09
In is water-based ink, paper, plastic film, woven bag, paper cups, paper bags, cartons, non-woven products such as printing ink, can according to the requirements of customers design formula. Such as paper straw products need contact with alcohol and 100 & deg; Boiled water, such as the choice of commonly used paper printing water-based ink formula is not resistant to alcohol and in 100 & deg; The boiled water immersion does not rub off. Well with over 10 years experience in research and development team, you can send us the substrate, we according to your requirements custom-made water-based ink and printing parameters formula, after you scrape on the substrate of the sample tested resistance to alcohol and water. Customer samples in the sample with the scraping the color effect well adjusted according to the requirements of water-based ink formula, with high purity alcohol sample don't rub off, with 100 & deg; Boiling water immersion sample don't rub off. Grace in which of the following is the customer's technical personnel in the paper straw substrate after scraping samples, resistance to alcohol and water test renderings:
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