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Water-based ink printing advantage

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-21
Water-based ink in the printing industry has a good advantage, in addition to the printing effect is good, its features of environmental protection also has a great advantage, so in the printing industry has achieved a dominant position, and also has obtained the customer high praise and support. Water-based ink with water as the main component, in accordance with the requirements of the national printing under the premise of its printing and noncombustible don't explode, environmental protection, low odor and so on various aspects achieves the effect that customers want, won't appear such as fire accident happened in the process of printing, the well production of water-based ink in the life has very wide application. Due to water-based ink manufacturers choose imported raw materials, and don't have to worry about emissions of VOCs, can very good to avoid excessive residual poison, used properly can not only improve the efficiency of production, also can reduce the printing cost, fully meet the modern society to the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection career.
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