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Water-based ink printing color light

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-24
Part of printing enterprises in the printing products when a color is not bright, the design of printed white, lead to this problem may be caused by the following several aspects. First check printing equipment do you have any problems, check whether the anilox roll is too thin, if anilox roll cleaning not clean, cause pattern color is deep enough. This kind of situation need to change thick cable network om, and need to clean. Grace brand in water-based ink can be directly can be cleaned with water, not corrosion medium. Secondly if the viscosity is too low, can make the water-based ink printing product color becomes shallow. So you need to increase the viscosity of water-based ink, water-based ink in the grace of the viscosity under the general control in 15. In addition if ink is too little, water-based ink in printing ink quantity is insufficient, will affect the print effect, so need to increase the inking amount amount of water-based ink, at the same time if it is to use gravure printing machine, can be appropriately increased pressure of roller, flexo machine can improve the printing speed, so it can print colorful effect on printing quality.
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