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Water-based ink printing fine print how to clear

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-24
Is water-based ink, paper, film, woven cloth, non-woven fabrics and other special water-based printing inks, can be used in flexo printing machine, gravure machine, coating machine and other printing equipment. Printing fine print is not clear this kind of situation usually appear on the printed paper, paper products, because there is paper, cartons and other products, in high class. Because of high viscosity, ordinary, mid-range ink drying slow so small print is easy to appear the font is not clear, the edge of the paste. The advice to achieve the ideal effect of printing, printing fine print should use low viscosity, fast drying of printing ink. Grace in water-based ink manufacturer for printing fine print paper, carton products, allocate a water-based ink, viscosity in 8 ~ 10 seconds, 32 - color content 80-38%, the printing speed 180 m/min, print to print the fine print is clear, bright color, quick drying, the printing effect is as follows:
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