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Water-based ink printing paper need to be aware of something

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-24
There are a lot of printing enterprises in the use of water-based ink printing paper zhang ( Especially the tissue paper) Not pay attention to something and lead to the printing effect is bad. The following points to help you solve this problem. A, water-based ink printing paper zhang, the proposal put paper printing, 2, 3 months after this can avoid water-based ink printing paper zhang corrugate. Second, loose on paper to paper, avoid appear more pieces, skew, etc. Paper also needs to be on paper, so can reduce paper wrinkling. Third, due to the partial thin paper when printing easy to deformation, is not recommended to do accurate overprint. Fourth, printing pressure control in 0. 2 mm or so, the need to control. Five, if printing tissue paper in dry weather, prone to static electricity, so need to install electrostatic elimination in printing machine, in addition to the device, which can avoid such problems.
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