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Water-based ink stability?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-20
Water-based ink stability has a great relationship and raw materials, paint, acrylic resin material is bad to lead to poor dispersion, produce ink will be easy to precipitate, layered, crystallization and other unstable situation. And ink to add additives, such as slow drying agent, defoaming agent, etc. , after adding improve the weakness of the ink, which leads to its stability. Well advised before using water-based ink to fully stir well, add ethanol or water dilution. In the process of printing also should undertake a while stirring, prevent dirty brace or blocking. Grace in water-based ink made of imported raw materials, quality is stable, not easy precipitation agglomerate, crystallization. Production process strictly implement each testing, quality assurance. The ink applicability is wide and can be used for flexo machine, intaglio printing machine, printing paper, paper box, paper bags, paper cups, woven bag, plastic film, etc.
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