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Water-based ink wash

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-22
In the production of water-based ink is made from a mix of environmentally friendly water-based raw materials, including main ingredients including water-based acrylic resin, water-based paint, antiwear agent such as water-based additives, and other materials. Water-based ink on the printing equipment after use, can be directly with water washing plate and ink, ink tank. It is worth noting that the water-based ink drying speed is fast, the need of the printing press down minutes after cleaning, avoid dry solid difficult to clean. If not timely cleaning, also can use the washing powder water or use washing machine to clean water. If the printing staff hands and skin to water-based ink stain, then wash it clean. Water-based ink is harmless, environmental protection in contact with human skin without causing discomfort, but also to wash maintain skin cleanness in a timely manner. Focus on research and development of water-based ink production for many years, in water-based ink can be used for the cartons, plastic film, paper bags, paper cups, paper towels, stickers, MingBi, woven bags, non-woven products such as printing. According to customer requirements and the printing parameters set solution, causes the printing effect is better.
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