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Water-based ink waste treatment

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-22
Use water-based ink in the process, if there is a residual ink waste ink can be used under the waste disposal method: 1. The temperature of 650 ℃ to 1600 ℃ and 0. 1-2 seconds to good burning method of chlorobenzene. And grace in type rotary kiln incinerator, water-based ink manufacturers recommended needs to have the temperature of 820 ℃ to 1600 ℃ and the ability to stay for a few seconds. 2. When compatible halide and other waste, mixed, including halide (30%), the heat index of about 7000-9000 BTU/lb, can be burned. Flow injection type, rotary, and fluid bed type incinerator is general methods of typical destroyed halide waste. As for incineration halogenated aromatic carbohydrates generally at least 2000 ℉ to 2200 ℉, stay at least 2 seconds. 3. Recycling, the use of waste water treatment system, or burning, in particular with the permission of the government regulations safe landfill method processing.
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