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Water - based paint spraying - water - based wood paint coating process 3

Water - based paint spraying - water - based wood paint coating process 3


Spraying construction paint film than brush paint film more flat. Spray with water-based wood paint should be added on the basis of the original paint 5% ~ 30% of the tap water dilute after use, for the viscosity of the paint water should also increase, the diluted paint after its coating a 4 cup viscosity should be around 18 ~ 20s. Dilute mix well should be static at least 20 minutes, until the bubbles into the basic disappearance of coating. Before spraying the paint must be more than 200 mesh filter, so as not to bring impurities, affecting the quality of paint film.

Water - based paint can be used ordinary spray machine or high - pressure airless spray machine construction. Pay attention to not too fine atomization, but also to prevent bad atomization. The amount of paint should not be too large, not spray too thick, wet film thickness around 50um is good, or easy to produce flow hang, orange peel and other ills. Water-based paint spraying common mistake is a construction too thick, if you want to increase the film thickness, it is appropriate to use multiple spraying method. When spraying on the vertical surface, the spray gun should be slightly at an Angle to the construction surface. Avoid excessive spraying on the vertical surface to avoid sagging. The two paints must be sanded with more than 400# sandpaper. The compressed air is blown off and cleaned with a damp cloth, which increases the adhesion between the two paint films.

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