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Water-based plastic gravure printing ink inking regulation

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-28
Factors influencing the water-based ink on plastic gravure printing ink plate, embossing roller material and pressure, printing speed and viscosity of the four aspects of printing ink. 1, the words on the plate cylinder, and design of the deep and shallow, also is the text and pattern plate cylinder making deeper, printed on the ink amount is larger, the text and pattern making shallow, prints of the small amount of ink. 2, embossing roller material and embossing roller pressure and embossing roller material is qualitative soft, the amount of ink in print, and vice impression cylinder material hard, small amount of ink on the print. Impression cylinder pressure is big, the amount of ink in print, instead of the impression cylinder pressure is small, the amount of ink in print. 3, high water-based plastic printing ink viscosity, prints of the large amount of ink, low viscosity, the amount of ink in print. 4, printing speed, print on large amount of ink, printing speed is slow, the amount of ink in print is relatively small. Plate cylinder is decided to print on the determinants of ink quantity size. Printing ink viscosity is the main factors affect the prints of the ink amount, but also the important factors that affect the printing speed. Water-based plastic ink ink viscosity size is a measure of, water-based plastic ink rare stiff is through the senses. Both consists of closely linked, although the viscosity is not equal to thick thin, but the actual measured with paint cup and zahn cup, viscosity and thick thin results are inseparable.
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