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Water-based plastic ink application

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-10-31
Water-based plastic printing ink is special ink printing film products, it belongs to water-based plastic printing ink, have environmental protection non-toxic, no smell, no inflammable and explosive, post-press adhesion, simple operation without blending, no corrosion to plate, excellent features such as wear resistance to water. Use very widely, such as plastic bags products, car protective film products, flexible packaging products such as the words on the design can be water-based plastic printing ink, below is with acrylic plastic printing ink, more common plastic material and finished product use. 1, LDPE/HDPE membrane material USES more extensive, can be printed vest bag/vest bag, since the glue bag, bone bag, flat pocket, protective film, composite packaging products. 2, BOPP film material often printed bags, clothing bags and other products made 3, PET film materials can be printed bags, stickers, 4, PVC heat shrinkable film products such as membrane material is used to print made of heat shrinkable film products
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