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Water-based plastic ink manufacturers share the use of ceramic anilox roll techniques

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-27
Water-based plastic printing ink printed vest bag, super plastic bags, clothing bags, laundry bags, protective film, such as plastic packaging printing ink, um, plastic ink used in the imported materials with strong adhesion, don't rub off after printing. To print a good soft packing, film products, not only to the choose and buy good quality plastic water ink and printing equipment, learn to anilox roll use skills, can print out a better product. The following summary of anilox roll is water-based plastic printing ink manufacturer use skills: 1, ceramic anilox roller clean carefully before using, check textured surface to ensure that no oil and dirt. 2, every time after printing to timely cleaning anilox roller roller surface, prevent the mesh at the bottom of the light oil dry solid plug mesh, residual ink dry solid hard to clean up at the bottom of the mesh, accumulate over a long period will reduce the effective volume mesh, light oil to release a quantity to reduce, affects the quality of printing quality. 3, should be removed before printing printing quality dust on the surface of the impurity, maintain the cleanness of printing department. 4, don't dry ceramic anilox roller and scraping blade pressure rotating 5, magnetic filter is placed on the ink tank, to avoid a damage of metal impurity anilox roll roll surface 6 new, replacement of scraping knife, attention should be paid to reset the pressure, the pressure will set the wrong anilox roll stick face scraper debris from damage. 7, replacing new scraping blade to set pressure, the pressure will set the wrong anilox roll stick face scraper debris from damage. Luke, plastic ink manufacturer recommendations, scraping blade to change regularly, grinding damage scraper needs to be changed immediately, so as not to damage the ceramic anilox roller. Every 15 days to adjust and ceramic anilox roll roll surface scraper of vertical and horizontal 8, every time after printing to clear in time the ink, dust around the machine clean and restore the printing department.
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