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Water-based plastic printing ink before printing need to pay attention to the six o 'clock

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-08
1, hands-on, water-based plastic ink viscosity should be controlled in 18 25 seconds/wood is # 2 cups. 2, the water-based plastic ink has according to the customer before they go out of the substrate, printing parameters, such as debugging good, can direct use, do not add water, as far as possible in the process of printing can, as long as add new ink to ensure the quality and the effect of the printing quality. 3, intaglio printing film, attention should be given to the PH of the water-based plastic printing ink, should be controlled in 8. 0 - 8. It is advisable to 5. Printing best check every 3 hours in the PH value is within the scope of the use, is not within the scope of the need to adjust again after printing. 4, water-based plastic such as electricity engraving or laser engraving printing ink, the proposal USES shallow plate, color 15 - 25 and 25 um, white It is advisable to 35 um. Version of the shallow printing speed can be improved, also can save the ink. 5, drying temperature should be controlled in the 60 - printing machine 80 ℃, pay attention to adjust the outlet position, make it to the surface of substrates. 6 before, printing, plastic ink poured into the ink tank, let plate idling 2 - 3 minutes, the purpose is to stir up the wet plate and role, then don't put down the knife, some printing manufacturers there are stop drawing film, plate stop running time is too long cause version.
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